5 unusual vacation spots in France

unusual weekends
unusual weekends

Here is the Unusual travel destinations for you. If are you looking for an original concept for a weekend trip to France? Perched huts, igloos, barges… here is a selection of unusual vacation ideas!

Sleeping in an igloo

Frosty nights, this is what you can experience by choosing to sleep in an igloo.

And no need to go to Canada: there are some in France! Most often, you reach your accommodation equipped with snowshoes or with a snowmobile, and when you arrive, the view is generally magical.

Inside, don’t worry, you won’t freeze to death while you sleep. The igloos are sometimes spacious and shelter a more or less basic comfort.

For some of these accommodations, an ice bed will be waiting for you, covered with an enormous mattress of animal skins (+ a large sleeping bag to complete the range).

On the other hand, don’t count on running water during your weekend, but you may be entitled to an electrical outlet and a little light.

Frozen room of the Igloo Village
Frozen room of the Igloo Village

Travel bloggers experience : Sleep in an igloo at avoriaz ski resort

Sleeping in an igloo, a frosty experience that attracted us for quite some time! It was in the avoriaz ski resort that we finally tested this unusual night, during which we took ourselves for Eskimos.

Once night fell, we joined our ice hotel for the night, snowshoes at the foot, greeted with a good mulled wine, we visited the place.

The site was much bigger than we had imagined. We are told about the construction of such an igloo, it’s fascinating! The ice sculptures are superb, we are amazed! The moment of the fondue is the long awaited one that warms the atmosphere.

Surprisingly, the cold is not a problem inside, sheltered from the wind and at night in the warm down, on the skin, will be comfortable.

For us, it is more the closed side and without window that will have disturbed us, better not to be claustrophobic. A night to live at least once in your life!

Sleep in an igloo at avoriaz ski resort review :

First impression:

it’s great! The Igloo Village is not only a 3-bedroom hotel, but also an Ice Bar open all day for skiers, a large terrace with a view of Avoriaz and a place for business seminars or events to celebrate.

There are 200 m2. This evening we are with an English family who came specially from England to celebrate a birthday.

Second impression or rather question: but how do they build this ephemeral house?

They explains that at the start of the season, they inflate large balloons (specialized structures) which they cover with cannon snow.

The latter is loaded with humidity and the freezing nights freeze the walls of the igloo. As the days go by, the snow falls and covers it more with a white coat.

The Igloo Village is above all a big job for about fifteen people who come to deflate the balloons, dig the corridors with a shovel and sculpt the walls to transform the igloo into an ice museum!

This year the theme is pirates! We are immersed in a world very different from winter sports! A real journey.

We chose the room of the captain and his parrot! We toast with mulled wine in front of the ice skull resting on the frosted bar. If we weren’t in ski gear, you could almost believe you are on a boat in the Caribbean! haha

Third question : what about the bedroom?

We are quickly reassured, it is spacious, with all the comforts, namely a snow bed covered with a futon mattress and many animal skins to insulate from the cold.

A very cozy down provided for polar expeditions (-18 ° C) will protect us during the night. There is even a small bedside lamp and a socket to charge your laptop.

The dry toilets are to be shared with other visitors and you must, on the other hand, forget any source of running water for washing.

The evening continues in front of a convivial Savoyard fondue which warms us up. It’s good and I have never enjoyed it so much as under these circumstances! A pretty ice mermaid watches over us during the meal.

Surprisingly for us, tonight, the weather is rather mild in Avoriaz, and it’s not often that we can say “Honey, you’re coming, we’re going outside to warm up!” Outside, it is 4/5 ° C while inside it is close to zero!

After a little digestive stroll, it’s time to go to bed. And if it takes a little violence to take off the ski outfit but once slipped into the down with our thermal swimsuits and the cap on the ears, we are quickly warm.

The wake-up call will be tea and croissants, while the station is gradually waking up. We go back down on our snowshoes, ready for a new day, but above all for a good hot shower!

Sleep in the trees for a weekend

For a weekend or a vacation or one that is truly out of the ordinary: swap your hotel room for a tree house. It is an experience to live as a couple, with family or between friends to live a few days at the top of a tree.

The concept has been developing for ten years and these unusual stays have become a must in ” gift box ” boxes . Imagine a cozy nest perched in the foliage and overlooking peaceful nature and friendly animals.

There may or may not be electricity, but the comfort is always there. We make a kind of return to childhood, cut off from the “terrestrial” world for truly unusual vacations.

For those worried about vertigo, there is also the idea of ​​lodges on stilts: it is less high but just as pleasant.

weekend sleeping in trees
weekend sleeping in trees

A family experience :

Since we have been traveling full time, we have had the opportunity to test 3 family cabins. Some had electricity, some didn’t, but none had running water.

Generally, the space is not very big, but the atmosphere is most pleasant with its wooden structure: a real cozy little nest.

But what we preferred each time were the perched terraces, at the top of which we had breakfast (which was waiting for us hanging on the end of a rope, and which we had to pull up to us) among the fields of birds.

Peaceful! An idea that we recommend to couples or families.

Under the stars, sleep in a bubble

Sleep under the stars while being protected? It is possible if you choose to live the unusual experience of one night in a bubble.

Here is a really unusual accommodation idea! It is actually a plastic dome offering a 360 ° view of the landscape and the stars.

Inside, everything is planned for comfort. It’s “glamping”, glamorous camping, very successful. We enjoy a cozy space in an often sumptuous natural setting, far from the city’s light pollution.

In couple or in family, it is always an unforgettable experience and some are even equipped with a spa or a jacuzzi. An idea to remember!

sleep in a bubble under stars
sleep in a bubble under stars

A travelers experience This is the most unusual and eccentric

experience I have had in terms of accommodation. A plastic dome with a 360 ° view of the mountains and the stars. The nights can be chilly, so pack warm clothes if you are chilly, but inside, you have everything you need to stay warm. 

It’s not dark night so you can see what you can do perfectly, you can hear nature all night long, it can be disturbing, but the experience is great if you really love nature! Waking up to the mountains is really great.

Tiny home vacations for the weekend

A Tiny House is a very small house, but a real house. It is often made of wood and mounted on wheels.

These miniatures come to us from the United States where they provide low cost housing while limiting the ecological impact, but we find more and more of them in France.

Today, it has also become a great place to spend a weekend or an unusual vacation (or more if you like). In the Tiny Houses, it’s small but we often have two floors with everything you need for a pleasant stay.

This micro-accommodation is ideally designed so that each space has its own function. This avoids feeling cramped and you enjoy an extraordinary setting.

Rent a Tiny House
Rent a Tiny House

The experience of yours truly :

Party with my family, I understand the act of stepping on each other. And finally “no”: the Tiny House was designed so that each space has its function (even if it took a little time to adapt at the beginning).

An ecological habitat which also allowed us to familiarize ourselves with certain concepts such as dry toilets. But ultimately, the experience was therefore very enriching, we adapt, and we feel at ease: it’s cozy.

Weekend on the rivers and canals of France

Embark on a ship, with family, alone, with friends, and set off on an adventure on the rivers and canals of France (or Europe).

On board, it’s great comfort: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms… and of course, the steering position and navigation station.

It is a kind of apartment on the water that allows you to wake up every morning in front of a new landscape. The possibilities are endless and you can choose to just sail or go explore the surroundings.

weekend On the rivers and canals
weekend On the rivers and canals

Traveler experience : 

We discovered river tourism during a weekend in Mayenne. This first experience was a real discovery and a real crush. For two days, we went down the Mayenne from Laval to the village of Grez-Neuville.

We loved the freedom that this mode of transport provides. The boat is super easy to handle and you can dock wherever you want to picnic, cycle or take a nap at the foot of a tree.

And life on board is truly peaceful, with board games, sunbathing on the deck and swimming in the river. A real moment of relaxation.

What will be your next unusual experience?

What experience tempts you the most? Knowing that there may still be plenty of other ideas, and that each experience can be lived differently… So don’t hesitate to share yours with us in the comments.

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